Swami Dayananda Saraswati talks on Cauvery Kanya Gurukulam, its founder,Dr.K.K Subramani and the location. He also introduces about the education system of the Gurukulam in a nut shell.

Poojya swami dayananda Saraswatiji in his ashram, coimbatore took 1st class of vedanta to the kanyas of cauvery Kanya gurukulam.

Independence day celebration at cauvery Kanya gurukulam

Gowri Ganesh festival celebrated in cauvery Kanya gurukulam


around 50 girls from all over karnataka had come to attend a week's vedanta and personality development workshop

The gurukulam girls went to the nearby village, picked up broomsticks and cleaned the garbage and village roads.

Sanskrit and cultural camp conducted in cauvery Kanya gurukulam

Dr k k subramani,The founder Acharya of cauvery Kanya gurukulam is taking vedanta class for students


The Youth Icon Chakravarty Sulibele sir's pleasant visit to our Cauvery Gurukulam campus. It had been our privilege to meet and interact with this dynamic and inspiring personality.

Independence day celebrated in cauvery Kanya gurukulam

Cauvery Kanya Gurukulam had kept a stall in Hindu Spiritual Seva Fair, Many people came and appreciated the gurukulam.

Cauvery Kanya Gurukulam girls performed in mandya dassara 2015


Participation of CauveryKanyaGurukulam students at the district level cultural programme.Congratulations to the 2 students who managed to win at the primary level and enter the second phase at the district level.... Wishing them the best!!

Festivity Celebrations at CauveryKanyaGurukulam Time for some fun Let the colours of Holi bring in many colourful moments in everybody's life...

Dr. Nagaraj ( KAS ) Asst. Commissioner, Pandavapur division, Mandya district visited #CauveryKanyaGurukulam to inaugurate the spoken English classes recently.

Harshendra Kumar Heggade, younger brother of Dr. Veerendra Heggade, the Dharmadhikari of the Dharmasthala Temple had visited Cauvery Gurukulam and blessed the students; also he appreciated this unique effort for girls' empowerment.


Yoga is an invaluable gift of India's tradition. To celebrate this wonderful tradition Cauvery Kanya Gurukulam celebrated International Yoga Day. The event was marked by incredible performances by the students. The highlights were the yoga dance and activities like performing maximum times Surya Namaskar in a limited time and onerous yoga asanas (alias postures). The event not only enhanced the beauty of the evening but also inthrilled in everybody - joy, confidence , pride and respect for yoga.

Cauvery Kanya Gurukulam wishes all the noble teachers a very happy Guru Poornima with a reverential sanskrit shloka : अज्ञानतिमिरान्धस्य ज्ञानाञ्जनशलाकया । चक्षुरुन्मीलितं येन तस्मै श्रीगुरवे नमः ॥३॥ Meaning : My/our salutations to the 'teacher/s' who opened my/our eyes which had been blinded with the cataract of ignorance, through his wisdom and teachings.

Honorable Shri H.M. Revanna, the Transport Minister of Karnataka visited Cauvery Kanya Gurukulam and blessed the activties of the Gurukulam. It was a great privilege.

An eminent heart surgeon, Dr. Vivek with his wife Sadhana, who are very much involved with Om Shantidhama, Karnataka, visited Cauvery Kanya Gurukulam on 10.07.17 !! There was an interactive session between them and the gurukulam students in which they expressed their interest about the Gurukulam and its activities.


6 students of Cauvery Kanya Gurukulam representing G.F.G.C. collage Kyathanahalli secured the distinction as third in kho-kho in the Mysore University inter-collegiate competitions (final) held at Goot Arts College Hassan (Auto) - 08/03/18 to 10/03/18. They won the trophy at the inter-college level and were honored with medals and certificates by the Development Officer of Panchayat of Kythanahalli, Mrs. Shylaja, in the college during the celebration of women's day in the college.

Cauvery Kanya Gurukulam was graced with the presence of Sri B. Ramu IAS, the Director of Tourism Department, Karnataka along with Sri Harish Sir, Deputy Director of Tourism Department, Mandya. He interacted with the students and enlightened them with his kind words, thus instilling in them a spirit of motivation to achieve their goals inspite of difficulties and serve the society. He also appreciated the concept of Gurukulam and expressed his concern for the growth of the society and its culture.

5th volume of the newsletter was released on October 1, 2018 by a team of high dignitaries in MNCs. Sandal billets were offered to the special guests as a token of memory of Mysore. It was an interactive programme where not only the chief guests enlightened the students over career opportunities but the students also shared their experience and growth with Cauvery Kanya Gurukulam. Another highlight of the evening was the offer of direct campus selection for the girls to the MNCs after graduating in along with experience of work in Tally software, Indian Culture/ Philosophy.

Cauvery Kanya Gurukulam celebrated the auspicious dayof Ashada shukravara in the traditional way, worshipping the Goddess Chamundeshwari and having a great time.


Syndicate Bank celebrating the review meeting in the lap of nature and vicinity of river Cauvery in Cauvery Kanya Gurukulam. Group of managers of 46 branches from 3 districts with the Regional Manager have gathered here. They interacted with the Gurukulam girl students and were addressed by Aacharya K K Subramani giving highlight on management of stress.

The whole team of TREP (Total Residential Educational Programme), a non-profit, FREE residential educational programme, visited CAUVERY KANYA GURUKULAM with the founders - Robert (Bobji) LeVine & Seethamma LeVine and its students and teachers. A nice interaction happened between the students and the teachers of both the institutes.

The premises of Cauvery Kanya Gurukulam was graced by the kind presence of H.R. Nagendra Ji recently. H. R. Nagendra is an Indian mechanical engineer, Yoga therapist, academic, writer and the founder vice chancellor of Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (S-VYASA), a deemed university located in Bengaluru. He interacted with the students and enlightened upon yoga and its importance in life.

Cauvery Kanya Gurukulam celebrated Guru Poornima in the remembrance of the great lineage of teachers in the kind presence of Swami Visharadananda Ji and Swami Guruparananda Ji. Swami Ji highlighted the value of remembering the fulfilled desires and to get detached and not to have an identification with unfulfilled desires which would help us to have a blessed mind and hence, not commit the act of blaming others or situation for unfulfillment. Aacharya, Dr K K Subramani also threw light on the significance of this day and the lineage of teachers.


A blissful day at ramakrishna mission..

Visit of Shankarayya Sir, ex-DC of Mandya, to the campus. He interacted with the students and appreciated the concept.

Health Department Officials visited the Gurukulam to raise awareness on Coronavirus.

A beautiful article on Cauvery Kanya Gurukulam by Shri Chakravarty Sulibele Sir He is an Indian orator, social activist and a writer who pre-dominantly writes in Kannada and Hindi languages. He is known for his activities with the youth.


Shankaraacharya Jayanti celebrations held today in the form of a small puja at Cauvery Kanya Gurukulam!

Yoga is an invaluable gift of India's tradition. To celebrate this wonderful tradition and commemorate the 7th International Yoga Day, Cauvery Kanya Gurukulam brings you all an opportunity to be a part of Yoga session of Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskara) by Yogi Viraj on 21st June, 2021 - Monday. Tap the zoom link and join the session from 8 to 9 am. Let’s invoke our inner peace while we step as yoga warriors on the mat with @viraj_thewarrior.

Talk on Essence of Bhagavadgita by K.K Subramani Acharya, founder acharya of Cauvery kanya Gurukulam.

Shankaraacharya Jayanti celebrations held today in the form of a small puja at Cauvery Kanya Gurukulam!.


Celebrated Rakshabandhan with gurukulam brothers.

Founder Acharya of Gurukulam Participated in Global yoga sammit 2022 and delivered speech on My home – My gurukulam.

Founder Acharya of Gurukulam Participated in Gurukul International School Lokarpan program – Mysore.

Cauvery Kanya gurukulam student teach spoken Sanskrit to the near by village school.